Last-minute gift ideas for last-minute shoppers


With Christmas only  days away, it’s time get all your holiday shopping out of the way. Don’t feel bad about not having it all done. From baking and ice skating to spending time with your family, it’s easy to let December slip away. Don’t freak out about the names that have yet to be crossed off your list just go out and get it done.

FOR THE IMPOSSIBLY PICKY: Some people seem impossible to buy for. Either they won’t say what they want for Christmas or they are very picky. It may seem like you won’t be able to please them, but there is always a way. For special cases like this, think of gifts that would appeal to most people. A gift card to a local movie theater is the perfect gift for the holiday season. Now that Christmas break is here, it will give them enough time to go and enjoy that movie they have been dying to see.

FOR THE BEAUTY ADDICT: When it comes to buying gifts for the lotion addict, there are so many yummy smells for the season. Head to Bath and Body Works for lotion and body mist collection. From Twisted Peppermint to Vanilla Bean Noel, there is a scent to accommodate even the pickiest of noses. The scents are perfect winter smells that will surely get them into the holiday spirit.

FOR THE SENTIMENTAL SAP: Just because time is dwindling down doesn’t mean your gift should lack meaning. If you’re looking for a special present for someone close to you, get personal. Having a keychain engraved for your best friend is a great way to show your appreciation for them. Not only is it a meaningful gift, but it is something that will last forever. Put a picture of you and your grandma in a frame. Showing you care is important when it comes to buying gifts.

FOR THE FASHIONISTA: It’s important to know what they like, or at the very least get a gift receipt. Yes, it’s the thought that counts, but do you really want to purchase something that will just sit in a closet for years? I’m usually not partial for getting gift cards because I view them as impersonal, but sometimes it’s simply the perfect option. Find out where the person shops, or even a place you think they would enjoy shopping at. Forever 21 is the best choice for getting a gift card because they have such a wide range of clothing.

Get your Christmas shopping out of they way while you still can. Give up a night of hot cocoa and movies and take a trip to the mall. Though procrastinating is isn’t good, at least you get some of the last minute sales. Don’t be intimidated when it comes to buying gifts for picky people. Think of it as a challenge in which you will overcome.

Ashley Quintela
Editor in Chief, Hitting the Runway blogger