Ally and Madeline discuss the recent snowstorm and the movie “Frozen,” spoilers ahead



Vlog 15 from Bellevue Video Yearbook on Vimeo.
Video by Ally Rance

From the makers of “Tangled,” another Disney princess takes the big screen by storm, literally. Disney’s “Frozen” is a thrilling adventure that left me wanting more. From icicles to the love between two sisters, “Frozen” sparked emotion like no other Disney movie has done before.

The main message of the movie is to stay true to yourself. The Snow Queen, Elsa, is an example of what it is really like to show one’s true colors. With her powers of snow and ice, she feels trapped and unwanted by her kingdom. She flees, hoping to find the freedom she has always desired. Elsa, voiced by Idina Menzel, does not disappoint.

Kristen Bell plays the unforgettable role of Princess Anna. Her innocent charm and awkward encounters makes her the most relatable character throughout the film. Taking a twist on a typical Disney Princess, Anna is an independent princess determined to make things right between her and her sister Elsa. It is refreshing to see a princess wanting more than just a prince to complete her happily every after. Sure, there’s still a prince, but Anna’s priorities are elsewhere.

What’s a blizzard without a snowman and reindeer? Olaf, a loving and goofy snowman is by far the most entertaining of the bunch. I found myself laughing so hard my eyes were watering. From his body coming apart to his lack of a nose, this snowman had the theatre giggling. I used to think Frosty was the jolliest snowman. Well, I thought wrong. Sven is yet another adorable character. His love for carrots and desire for Olaf’s new nose is simply hilarious.

To my surprise, many adults without children and a dozen teenagers occupied the theater. I expected to see a lot of young faces, but that wasn’t the case. “Frozen” is quality entertainment for all ages.

The graphics in the film were beautiful. Intricate patterns of ice spread throughout the screen. The different designs of snowflakes and the magical castle made only of ice were one of the best parts of the movie.

“Frozen” is captivating with its relatable yet goofy characters and graphics. Some may think cartoon movies are for kids, but that is not true. This Disney flick can be enjoyed by all ages. From an independent princess to a loving snowman, “Frozen” is bound to melt the iciest of hearts.

Ashley Quintela
Editor in Chief