Stressing the perfect work atmosphere


Believe it or not movie theatres, malls, gas stations and fast food restaurants all have something in common. They all suck money out of the pockets of teenagers. At this point in life, most teenagers do not have a lot of personal money to lavishly throw around. There is only one solution to a problem as big as this one: it’s a little responsibility called a job.

By reading these next few paragraphs, searching for the perfect place to apply will become much easier. Applying for a job is a big commitment, and not a decision to be taken lightly. Looking for these qualities in a job will make looking at the weekly schedules an exciting occurrence.

When getting a job, it is best for students to look for something that can fit them and make them comfortable. There needs to be an atmosphere that is suitable for that person. It is true that teenagers should not be picky about where they work as long as they get a job, but the atmosphere of someone’s first job can affect their schema of future jobs forever.

There is no specific “perfect work atmosphere,” but one can come close. The definition of perfect is obviously going to be different for every person. For example, if a teenager is outgoing and friendly they should work in a place where they can socialize with customers. If a teenager is shy, however, they should work behind a phone or computer screen. Work in a place where intimidation will not be a factor.

When applying for any job, make sure there will be no future issues with commitment. Quitting a job right after getting hired will not look good on a resume. As long as there is a certain level of interest in the job, there should be no problems with wanting to quit right away.

Bosses and coworkers can make or break a job. Respect anyone who works there, because first impressions are important. If there is going to be a problem with respecting others even when they are in the wrong, try and find a job that doesn’t require a lot of communication with others.

The point of stressing to students that they should work in a good work atmosphere is very simple. If someone were to have a bad work experience for their first job, it can affect the way they look at other job opportunities in the future. Nobody wants to look at future opportunities in a negative light. Make sure every opportunity taken is viewed differently than the last.

A perfect place to work would be a place that interests its employees and makes them want to come to work everyday. The atmosphere would be comfortable whether it’s loud and crazy or calm and quiet. It all boils down to the person. Teenagers should keep every opportunity they encounter, like a job, in a positive light and apply at places that will best interest them.

Chloe Brim