Bellevue West Hall of Fame Committee

Nick Wilkinson, Reporter

“The purpose of the Bellevue West High School Athletic Hall of Fame is to recognize the athletic accomplishments of Bellevue West alumni and coaches that meet the eligibility requirements,”-Bellevue West Athletic Hall of Fame Statement of Purpose.

To determine who is nominated for the induction, the Hall of Fame committee was established. The committee membership will review every two years or as needed. The committee is made up of a Bellevue Public Schools central office administrator, the Bellevue West Athletic Director, and nine other members who are made up of former coaches, former players, community members, and local media. The Initial Hall of Fame Committee include:

    • Kevin Broderick, Athletic Director
    • John Faiman, head football coach
    • Dave Seeba, former head track coach
    • Steve Joekel, Former BW Athletic Director
    • Doug Woodard, head basketball coach
    • Eric Taylor, Bellevue Leader Sports Editor
    • Roger Severson, Director of Secondary Education
    • Lanny Richards, former head basketball coach
    • Jerry Van Waart, former head basketball coach
    • Dennis McDermott, former BW coach/teacher

Within the Hall of Fame committee there are three sub-committee’s.

  • The Nomination Committee: All members of the Hall of Fame committee
  • The Financial Committee: this committee would be in charge of securing and purchasing awards for the ceremonies.
  • The Recognition Committee: This committee would be responsible for recognizing the Hall of Fame inductees. This would also include notifications, awards dinner/celebration, publicity, and associated programs/brochures.

The Athletes must also be nominated on at least three of the following eligibility requirements:

  • Completed a distinguished athletic career at Bellevue West High School
  • Earned All-American Status at an accredited college or university
  • Earned All-Conference Honors at an accredited college or university
  • Played professionally in their individual sport
  • Named to the United States Olympic Team in a specific sport
  • Named to U.S. National Team in a specific sport