IOC should keep wrestling in the Olympics


wrestling from Bellevue Video Yearbook on Vimeo.

Video by Morgan Stough and Ally Rance. Special Thanks to wrestling coach Wade McVey.

The incompetent people at the International Olympic Committee decided it would be a smart decision to eliminate wrestling from the 2020 Olympic games.

I don’t like wrestling. I would never watch it or take an interest in it and maybe I’m a part of the reason why wrestling was cut, but even I can see how moronic this decision is and, rightfully, people are up in arms over it.

Wrestling is one of the original Olympic sports; it’s been around as long as the Olympic games themselves dating back to its origins in ancient Greece and has been a part of the games since the modern Olympic games began in 1896. A gold medal in wrestling is the pinnacle of the sport. Unlike golf, which wrestling was cut to make room for, the majors are the biggest accomplishment in the sport. To a golf player an Olympic gold medal would be no more special than the US Open. A wrestler treasures the Olympic experience and works his entire life to win a medal.

I’d like to know more about this secret ballot which determines what sports are included in the Olympics and which aren’t. I’d really like to know how wrestling was cut over such sports such as tae kwon do. What a joke.

Wrestling will now compete with seven other sports that are fighting for a place in the 2020 Olympics as an “additional sport.” This includes baseball/softball, karate, roller sports, sport climbing, squash, wakeboarding and wushu (derived from Chinese martial arts). All I can do is laugh at the thought that squash or wakeboarding would be Olympic games over wrestling.

As of now, it appears unlikely the IOC will vote wrestling back in right after cutting it, but honestly, it would be a travesty if any of the other sports on the list were included over wrestling. Then again, the fact that this is even up for debate is a travesty on its own.

Shame on the IOC.
Jason Wisenbaker
West Wind Entertainment Editor