College fair introduces students to their future



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Photos by Annaliesa Schneider.

Today, the North Gym at Bellevue West High school transformed into a college fair. Many colleges set up tables with flyers ready to share fun facts about their schools. FBLA members junior Megan Klostermeyer and seniors Jessica Stednitz and Shannon Barber organized the event.

The students began planning the college fair during the summer. After the plans were set in stone they contacted as many colleges as possible. Out of the 26 schools that were invited to the event, 22 showed up as well as eight businesses. Through this project, the girls hoped to educated students about college.

“The main objective was to raise college awareness to the community,” Klostermeyer said.

The fair was open from 1:00pm until 3:30pm. Students were invited to walk through the North gym as college representatives talked about the fundamentals of their school.

Earlier this year students were surveyed to determine if they have attended a college fair before and most of them answered no. Not only have a majority of students not been to a college fair, but many of them have yet to plan college visits.

“A lot of students don’t have the time and this gives them more opportunities,” Barber said.

College of Saint Mary’s was one of the schools involved in the college fair.

“[Our objective is to] connect with high school students and help them find what they are looking for as far as programs fo and create awareness for College of Saint Mary,” college representative Jyoti Gandah said.

The college fair was a way for colleges to show their strong suits to students.

“It’s good to be here and it’s a great event for Bellevue West to host and it’s a great way for colleges to come and spread awareness,” Gandah said.

Bellevue West students gained a lot of knowledge pertaining to furthering their education after high school. It was a way for busy students to get information about the schools they are interested in.

“It helps get more colleges here and gives opportunities for more colleges to share about their school,” Stednitz said.

Ashley Quintela
Hitting the Runway Blogger and West Wind Features Editor