Guns don’t belong in schools


The events that occurred in Newtown, CT shook the nation to its core. It disturbed me, but it completely upset my parents. It was unsettling to see them so out of character. My mom cried while my dad was angry.

Along with the grief that came from the shooting came a renewed controversy about gun laws and safety in school. Over holiday break, 200 Utah teachers received special firearms training to carry concealed weapons in their classrooms. Utah Shooting Sports Council organized the event directly in response to the events that occurred in Newton.

In addition to Utah, Hawaii, New Hampshire and Oregon all have laws that allow firearms on school grounds for staff members. This is really not surprising considering said states’ mostly conservative status.

A tiny school district in Harrold, Texas, about 150 miles northwest of Fort Worth, was the first known school district in the United States to allow teachers to carry concealed weapons on school grounds. David Thweatt, the superintendent, says that there are other districts that have since put similar policies in place, but declines to name them.

Guns have absolutely zero place in schools. I believe in a person’s right to bear arms, but I fail to see how bringing multiple guns into school every day through the very people who are supposed to educate and provide stability to students would foster a sense of safety and security in its students, staff, and administration. I wouldn’t feel at ease if I knew all my teachers were carrying. I’d feel uncomfortable. Especially those teachers who carrying a gun would seem so unlike themselves.

Along with incorporating more guns into everyday school life comes a fear of accidents relating to guns. Gun accidents occur. What if some crazed student attempted to overpower a teacher? What if a gun accidentally discharged? The probability of said situations is admittedly low, but realistic and very possible. I mean what would happen to a school if a student was injured by their own decision to let teachers carry firearms? And where does it end? Should kindergarten teachers be equipped with firearms? I wouldn’t want my 5-year-old around guns of any kind.

I don’t believe if someone truly wanted to shoot up a school they would be deterred by staff supposedly being equipped to defend themselves and students. Guns in school would also draw attention away from what kids are supposed to be doing in school: learning. It would be an unnecessary distraction. Students would be more focused on the fact that their teacher has a gun than actually paying attention to what’s important.

Guns don’t belong in schools. It’s a moronic, ridiculous idea. Unfortunately, it’s already happening. There are ways to bolster school security without the drastic notion of involving arming staff members.

Jason Wisenbaker
West Wind Entertainment Editor