Parking needs an adjustment



Every morning, students drive their cars into the parking lot crossing their fingers for that slim chance there is a spot close up to the school.
This school year, it is apparent in the lack of parking spots, more than last year, that students are driving themselves to school. This causes people to have to park in the street resulting in a five minute, maybe more, walk just to the school.

Not to mention the weather conditions. Walking what feels like half a mile to the school in the freezing cold, rain or wind is not ideal, let alone comforting.

One way to fix the problem is the alternative parking lot that is not known to most. It is on the side of the football field and was once designated for underclassmen to park in. I have not seen a single car parked there on a regular school day.

This would solve the space issue because people would have no choice but to use that other lot and it may also prevent future some accidents because cars won’t be speeding to get a good spot.

Part of me doesn’t blame anyone for not parking there because it’s just as far away as parking in the street, but it’s better than not parking at all.

If some underclassmen utilized that lot and started to park there, it would solve multiple problems, opening more spots to senior and junior drivers that otherwise park in the street.

Also, juniors and seniors tend to be involved in more after school activities than underclassmen are, causing them to stay late. If juniors and seniors parked in the back of the lot, by the time they get out of practice they would have to walk all the way to the back to their car when it is cold and they are tired.

Another way to fix this problem is to start numbering every parking spot, and assigning each student a spot. That way seniors and juniors can be up front, and underclassmen have to park towards the back.

Overall Bellevue West  just needs a new adjustment to the parking lot in some way. The way it is now just isn’t working and is causing problems that have easy solutions if we just make a few changes.

Holly Clauson