Holidays are far from normal


Every year many holidays are celebrated but no one stops to think about how strange the day actually is. Holidays have strayed from their origins and have become traditions every one now finds normal.

For example, St. Patrick’s Day in March is filled with a lot of green and talks about clever tiny people. Why would the whole world want to celebrate leprechauns and gold? Rich midgets is what people toast to every year, if you think about it. Nobody really remembers why this holiday began in the first place.

Following that is a holiday dedicated to a bunny collecting colorful eggs. The meaning of Easter has definitely evolved over time. Chickens lay eggs, not bunnies. Isn’t this supposed to be a religious holiday?

Another day celebrated in the U.S. is Independence Day. It’s the one day a year where people can practically light off mini bombs and explosives. How safe is that? People should be focusing on the love of their country and freedom, not what they are planning on blowing up next. The day after is filled with interesting stories on the news, and people continually getting shocked about different firework disasters. It’s not that shocking.

In October, kids get the chance to dress in costumes and collect candy. Most of the time, Halloween is filled with fake blood, gore, and violence. Kids are pretty much getting rewarded for scaring other people and being a menacing creature.

To top it off, at the end of December, a big fat guy is supposed to break into everyone’s houses and put presents under a tree. A tree that is in the middle of a living room, next to big socks that hang on a fireplace. Just think about it.

Holidays are undoubtedly fun, but also strange when you stop and think about it. The way these traditions have come about are unknown and have definitely evolved over time. In the next hundred years who knows what holidays will morph into, maybe an alligator that hands out leprechauns, or a big fat guy who dresses up and gets candy from all of the little kids.

Chloe Brim