Phones in class are jeopardizing students’ grade


Everybody does it, everybody loves it, and everybody uses it to pass the time. That one little thing in every student’s pocket that is dying to be used. Cell phones have become a major distraction for student’s in class.

While cell phones are a great and useful tool to carry, but they also make it very hard for a person to focus. Imagine sitting in class listening to your history teacher go on and on about The Cold War. First of all, you have already lost interest in the lecture and to top it off you don’t know what The Cold War is. Just when thoughts start to wander, a vibration goes off in your bag. Would you rather be half asleep not listening to a lecture, or checking your phone and being somewhat interested in what is going on?

Who knows what could be on that phone screen, it could be a text that could change the student’s whole life. That is why a student’s phones doesn’t go unanswered unless the teacher is strict about it.

Many students believe texting in class doesn’t affect their grades. Texting is part of a student’s everyday routine, so it may not feel like a loss of focus. In reality, when a person is texting all of her focus either goes to the message itself, or hiding her phone from the teacher.

When a student uses all of that good focus on something that isn’t as important as an education or a future it tends to frustrate teachers and other students. It may be a personal choice, but it is a decision that many might people regret. A student could either be flying through school getting A’s and B’s while texting in class, or flying through school with straight A’s and leaving their phone in their pocket.

It all comes down to how much a student is willing to try. The future comes along faster than anyone expects, especially high school students. Using a phone in class can be destructive, and students will not rise to their full potential if they aren’t focusing in class.

Chloe Brim