Character development drives success in ‘The Last of Us’

Caitlyn Wohlford, Entertainment Editor

“The Last of Us,” is a classic story about zombies taking over the world based on a video game of the same name. However, in this world, the zombies do not evolve from magic or science, but are a result of climate change. 

Based on a real phenomenon found in ants, a fungus evolves to thrive in human bodies, creating a zombie population. The fungus was formed after eating foods with flour and sugar, which was strongly hinted that it started from grain factories. 

This show has completely gotten me hooked after the first episode because of the new types of zombies. One of the most talked about is the clickers which are known for their clicker type noise they make, but most common is the “runners” which is the earliest stage of being infected. 

Though I have never played the game, I still get the basic idea behind it. The heartbreak of the first episode completely had me turned around because I thought that the daughter (Nico Parker) would’ve been the main character of this show. However, placing the daughter as the main character is a misdirect. 

Instead her father Joel (Pedro Pascal) becomes the main character and forms a connection with a new daughter-like figure named Ellie (Bella Ramsey). Ellie has been bitten by a clicker which frightens Joel, but he still takes her under his wing and tries to help her get out of the quarantine zone. Ellie’s character is my favorite, because although she grew up in different circumstances she still keeps a positive outlook and has the best personality.

So far “The Last of Us” has released six episodes with three more to come. Though Ellie is my favorite character, episode three takes a turn and focuses on two new characters, Frank and Bill, and was by far the most interesting to watch. This episode gave me a sense of calmness as it had an emotional touch that added to the story line, and a great relationship between Frank and Bill. 

“The Last of Us” has great characters within it, but what really keeps me watching is the graphics. The graphics bring the clickers to life and give an in-depth look of the fungus that has taken over the world. I’m excited to see how Joel and Ellie’s relationship further unfolds, and what will happen in the future episodes.