Behind the scenes: Sports Events

Claire Wood, Social Media Manager

Though the focus of any sporting event is mainly the game, a separate event is going on behind the scenes. Running like a well-oiled machine, it’s composed of concession stand workers, bookkeepers, reporters, and announcers, who work to keep the game going.

The concessions, especially during big conferences and games, generate a lot of activity and are a big necessity for sports games. Kitchen Manager Kellie Hooker-Picht is in charge of running and scheduling for the concession stands. 

“Mr. Mauro always helps and brings in a group of volunteers as well, so like a group of baseball dads will come help us,” Hooker-Picht said. 

She said for some games she can use as many as 50 people, where for some they can use just two. The concession stand is in session for basketball, volleyball, and spring baseball games, as well as some wrestling tournaments. 

The profits from the concession stand goes back into the budget, but a percentage also goes to the clubs that help volunteer at that stand during the games. 

In addition to the concessions, the game itself can’t run without keeping score and records. Math teacher Karie DeJonge has the role of keeping book for both the volleyball and basketball games. While teachers do get paid extra to work these games, DeJonge says she enjoys watching sports and watching her students compete. 

She works with other teachers such as Jack Kalina, Steve Lemon and Mike Pokorski who help run the clock, call the game, and run the scoreboard. 

“I do it because it’s fun to watch basketball, and I’ve done it for years,” Jack Kalina said. “It’s like I’m working but I’m not.”

The Thunderbeat broadcasting team is a big part of making sure everyone has access to the games. For people who can’t make it to the actual games, they can look to the sports broadcasting. The Thunderbeat staff call games, broadcast, and tweet live updates from the game. 

“Whenever I’m commenting I’m always the most successful when I have a lot of energy and just be myself,” former Thunderbeat basketball commentator Alyssa Fjelstad said.

Fjelstad called boys basketball games during her junior and senior year and came back to call games during the Metro Conference Holiday Tournament.

“It gives viewers the opportunity to share the excitement of watching a game from anywhere they want,” Fjelstad said.