Kevin McCarthy elected Speaker of the House

Jacki Petrow, Editor-in-Chief

Republican Kevin McCarthy was recently elected Speaker of the House, a position previously filled by Democrat Nancy Pelosi.

Government teacher Tara Patomson explained that the speaker’s job is to run the House of Representatives. She said that this includes things like committee appointments and managing the general proceedings.

“They’re the key spokesperson for their party, they’re gonna be the key communicator with the White House and with the Senate in terms of strategy,” Patomson said.

Speakers are elected by the majority party in the house. According to NPR,  14 rounds of voting occurred before McCarthy won the 15th. Patomson said that the speaker is elected for each term of Congress. 

“So they will select a new speaker every two years, because they only serve a two year term,” Patomson said.

According to The BBC, the speaker of the house is one of the most powerful political positions in the United States.  An important trait in a speaker, Epstein said, is the ability to unite the entire party on important bills and overcome divisions.

Patomson agreed, explaining that the party with the majority- and, by association, the speaker- really has the most power in a legislature.

“They get to decide the public policy that’s going to get adopted,” Patomson said.