Top 10 underrated songs

Cole Schreck, Opinion Editor

“I’m a Loser” by Voodoo Bandits: When you’re one of the first and most played songs from a small surf band like Voodoo Bandits, you should expect the song to be an absolute banger. This song does not disappoint. Not once at any point of the song am I bored. It’s so full and there’s barely any empty space. The lyrics are relatable and the whole song feels like childhood. Overall, this song is a certified classic and I highly recommend it for anyone who doesn’t know what surf music is.

“Heartbroken” by BAYBOARDS: Usually, I don’t like soft music like this, but this song is really good to just chill to. It’s fun to hum and mumble the lyrics while doing chores or homework. The guitars also vary and counter each other at times, although it’s hardly noticeable. This song is definitely one of my favorites and I’ll always love it.

“My Head Hurts” by Wavves: Where do I start with this song? I love this song so much. This artist is one of the many inspirations for Voodoo Bandits, and honestly, both bands release spectacular songs time and time again. This song is loud and confusing and annoying but that’s what makes it so perfect. It captures the spirit of just doing anything you want no matter the consequences and just having fun. The lyrics are also pretty standard but sweet, talking about a girl that the singer can’t get over even though he’s nothing to her. “My Head Hurts” deserves to be on this list, and I have no doubt about that.

“How to Never Stop Being a Pirate” by Nightloops: “Nightloops” has a sound similar to other bedroom pop artists like Dayglow or Clairo and is just as catchy. This song is so calm and it just feels so loving and comforting. It’s like a sip of hot cocoa outside while you stare at the snow falling at night. I can always count on this song to boost my mood regardless of what the feeling is. Rain or shine, this song never really does wanna stop making me happy.

“Disappear” by Two Trains Left: The French pop punk scene has surprisingly caught my attention with this song. “Disappear” is obviously inspired by old 2000s bands like Simple Plan and The Wonder Years. The drums are loud and full and fast. The guitars are fast but organized and make you wanna go out and do dumb stuff with your friends. But this song hides a secret in its lyrics. The lyrics talk about losing old memories and wondering if the sadness that the singer feels will ever disappear. This song is fun, relatable and is always a treat to listen to.

“another guy” by second thoughts: This song always surprises me with how unbelievably catchy it is. The singer’s voice is deep, calming, and clear, softly singing some of the most well written lyrics I’ve ever heard. A catchy melody is also deeply needed in every song and does this song deliver on that. It’s pretty simple, but it’s enough to make me hum it all day long, so that’s more than enough reason for me to include it on this list.

“Young Excitement” by Pizza Crunch: I found this band when I was scrolling through some of Voodoo Bandit’s followers  on their Twitter, and I am so glad I did. Many of their songs are catchy and unique, both from many popular songs and from each other. Their sound reminds me vaguely of early The Strokes albums, with that punky warbled guitar and varying instruments in each song. This song is one of my favorites because it’s both catchy and impressive. Many people don’t think a bass voice is good for music like this, but his voice is so well done that it’s hard to say that anymore.

“Story of a Love Song” by Games We Play: Games We Play has had a fairly big audience ever since being signed with Fueled By Ramen, but they still have some underrated bops. “Story of a Love Song” is definitely one of my favorites. It’s pop punk, which you already know is gonna make me fall in love instantly anyway, but it’s lyrics are also stupid and cringe and I love it. Even though this song is a story about love, it doesn’t try to be slow and cute or anything. GWP decided to show the side of love where you’re high up in the moment and you don’t care about anything with the energy they exert in this song. This song slaps, this song rocks, this song is love, and I love this song.

“Patagonia” by Patawawa: Who knew that string instruments could go so well with an electric guitar? Well, anyone that listens to this song. “Patagonia” starts with some echoey chords being played by string instruments and later with a guitar playing the melody. When the lyrics come in, it feels like an absurd mix of jazz, hip hop, funk, disco, rock, and indie. Then when the chorus hits, oh man. The female singer hits those high notes like they’re nothing. The absolute amount of talent and uniqueness in this song is just bursting at the seams.

“Television Kid” by The Assist: I only found out about The Assist relatively recently, and I’m already impressed with their sound. It is very reminiscent of Two Door Cinema Club, specifically the songs from their album “Tourist History.” This song is very simple and is mostly just a small loop with slight variations and different lyrics, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a good song. The vocals are clean, hitting the high notes and being clear all while maintaining a balance of dynamics. Of course, there’s also the guitar, drums, and bass. The guitar is fun and has lots of jumps, rarely getting boring. Same story, different cover with the drums; it’s more than just a 1-2-3-4 beat, and has some variations in the way it’s all combined. The bass is, well, the bass. Mostly playing the same handful of notes, but at least it never breaks. Overall, I really enjoy this song and will listen to it for years to come.