Hope Squad Sets up for a week of stress

Caitlyn Wohlford, Reporter

Throughout the course of finals week Hope Squad sets up a table in the cafeteria for those who are looking for ways to decompress. This table is filled with stress relief items which will be there for the students to freely grab if needed. The tables will be set up Dec. 15  for anyone who is looking to use these items.

“Stress relievers (including things like stress balls, bendy sticks, fidgets, etc.) can help students who may be feeling stressed or anxious,” counselor Melissa Minahan said.

Minahan said that using these stress relievers that are bought from a grant given to Hope Squad is only one way to relieve stress. She also recommends that students practice deep breathing techniques, meditation, and exercising. Not only can these practices help during finals week but can also be used anytime one is filled with stress.

 “I think the table is a really good thing because we put out stress relievers which are helpful to those who are stressed during finals and work better with a fidget,” Hope Squad Member Isabel Hernandez said.

Hernandez said that finals are stressful for her, and even for most of the students in the school. Although through the stress she said she tries to balance sleep and studying to prevent from being further overwhelmed. She has been in Hope Squad since eighth grade and every year they have done similar things to keep stability and improve stress rates.

“We will have therapy dogs available, we will have a table with stress-relievers at lunch, and Santa will be here to hand out candy canes and will be available to take pictures with students,” Minahan said.

This is Hope Squad’s third year of putting up a table during lunch for students to go to, Minahan said. She said to help students improve their mood and decrease stress another way is to smile, which is why Hope Squad has a Santa for those who are looking for a laugh and to take a picture with him. Both the table and Santa will be set up by each other during all three lunches.

Minahan also said that as that grant has run out they reach for community organizations that will supply free stress balls, and other objects to hand out to students. She said that Hope Squad organizes the activities each year, so things sometimes change up year to year. This year a difference in the table will be that Hope Squad will not be having a Christmas Card station.

“I just volunteer if they need help handing out the stress relievers,” said Hope Squad Member Tanner Adams.

Adams has only been in Hope Squad since his sophomore year and believes that this table is important for the students that need something to fidget with, just like other members have said. Although finals week isn’t that stressful for him, he wants students to have a table so that there’s something to take their mind off of.

“Stay calm and push through if you flunk an exam or 2 it’s not the end of the world,” said Adams.