Never Gonna Give You Up: Pop culture revitalizes 80s trends

Chloe McAleer and Cole Schreck

Radio stations are typically flooded with a variety of top hits all ranging from genres of pop, hip-hop, and R&B. Recently though, decades-old songs, such as Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill,” have crept their way up the charts, beating out newer artists. 

The ‘synthwave sound’, which is so heavily symbolic of 80s music, has dispersed itself within numerous modern day hits such as: “Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd and “Physical” by Dua Lipa. These songs have garnered billions of streams reaching a wide audience, so it’s no wonder that 80s music is making such a big comeback.

Major blockbusters and television shows have recently brought back renewed interest in this era. “Thor: Love and Thunder,” with its 80s colors and styles that are so widely portrayed in the posters and trailers; and “Stranger Things” taking place in the 80s, have increased the presence of older trends in fashion and pop culture. These trends have bled through to their main audience, the youth.

Younger generations have taken interest in throwback fashion trends like mullets and clothing styles reminiscent of the 80s. Thrifting has also seen a major rise in popularity as people search for the retro styles they’ve grown to love. 

Moreover, cassette tapes and vinyl records have also seen a massive spike in sales over the past decade. As of 2015, vinyl record sales worldwide hit a peak of 416 million sales, according to Statista.

The revived 80s aesthetic has brought forth a new appreciation for the era among younger audiences. Forms of media anywhere from songs, fashion, and film have adopted this ‘forgotten aesthetic’ and breathed a new life into this period.     

The increased interest in 80s music and culture has helped people convey their interests and personality in more versatile ways. From music to film to fashion, 80s culture is always worth revisiting.