Resources available for low income students

Gnally Boukar, Co-Editor-In-Chief

In 2019, research from U.S. The Census Bereau showed nearly 10.5 million American children lived in poverty. Income inequality continues to affect many Americans, yet many students might not be aware of resources at school available to fill in existing gaps. From tuition assistance to free clothing, I have compiled a list of resources available to low-income students in Bellevue . 

School Social Worker 

Bellevue West has an onsite social worker who provides a litany of resources to students. From gas cards to temporary rent assistance, social worker Darren Flores’ job is to assist students. His office is located in the main office, adjacent to Assistant Principal Dr. Larry Murry’s office. 

T Bird Nest

The T Bird Nest offers a wide variety of household items, food products, and feminine hygiene products. A plethora of grab-and-go snacks are also available in room 151.

The Food Pantry 

Once a month, Food for the Heartland hosts a food and clothing pantry at Mission Middle School. The event offers a variety of dry food and fresh produce, as well as clothing items to community members of Bellevue alike. The pantry is open once a month

ACE Scholarship 

Nebraska’s Access College Early (ACE) Scholarship helps students cover the costs of dual enrollment, Advanced Placement courses, and Metro classes. The application process is completely digital and extremely easy for students to complete. In my experience, they tend to grant these to STEM and core classes such as English or Biology, but all funding is first come first serve. 

School Therapist 

The school also offers access to a therapist in need of extra assistance. This therapist is available to students throughout the school year, and through telehealth appointments during the summer. Students interested in the therapist can receive a referral from their counselor.