Thunderbeat staff shares their favorite spring songs

Emily Mabbitt, Owen Reimer, Carlee Rigatuso, Rowan Clang, Co-Editor-in-Chief, Entertainment Editor, Reporter, Reporter


OPEN A WINDOW (feat. Tyler, The Creator) – Rex Orange County

Rex Orange County’s soothing voice along with Tyler, The Creator’s fluid feature make this a fitting easy listen for the spring season. This soulful tune feels like the sun setting later and finally breaking away from the dismalness of winter. So put this song on and do as the title says, open a window.

Almost (Sweet Music) – Hozier

On a little bit more of the upbeat side this Hozier track is carefree and melodic. This is the kind of song you would listen to on the last day of school (which is quickly approaching) and feel that weight being lifted off your shoulders. Despite the hastier tempo this song still stays on theme with the feeling of spring still intact. 

The Basement – Lunar Vacation

This is the perfect song to listen to on one of those first days of spring when it’s 65 degrees and you can finally roll your windows down. The smooth bubbly guitar is what really encompasses that feeling of the seasons changing. Lead singer Grace Repasky’s soothing vocals will help bring serotonin back into your life.


Jamz – SALES

Nothing reminds me more of spring than this song. This reminds me of rainy spring days, getting up early to grab coffee and spending the day running errands and thrifting. This song is pretty slow and soft on the ears, but that’s what makes it have that subtle spring feel. 

Never Going Back Again – Fleetwood Mac 

Fleetwood Mac songs in general just provide a special sort of comfort I can’t find in many other bands. The acoustic guitar and simplicity make this the perfect spring song. Listening to this song reminds me of the sun and the kind of breeze that signifies the coming of summer. 

Hunnybee – Unknown Mortal Orchestra

This song is a lot more upbeat compared to other songs I listed. However, it stays just relaxed enough to not be a summer song – not too upbeat or exciting. “Hunnybee” layers its acoustics in a way that scratches my brain in all the right places. Despite its faster tempo this song stays calm enough to still provide a sense of spring. 


Sabré Olvidar- Silavana Estrada

There’s a feeling of adventure mixed with calm that Estrada perfectly encapsulates with her music. If spring is a time of rebirth and new life, then music reflective of the season should display these feelings of wonder that Sabré Olvidar so perfectly grasps. It’s like a cool breeze picking someone up and letting them soar through the clouds.

Dio- Boylife

“Gelato” by Boylife remains one of the most underrated albums of the last 5 years, and this album cut brings a level of tranquility that remains uncaptured in the current landscape of modern pop music. The lush guitars and awe-inspiring guest vocals from Brockhampton affiliate Bearface make this track a must listen in the season of blooming flowers.

The Loop- Toro y Moi

Simplicity can lead to optimal results in many cases, and this new single from Toro y Moi uses it to brilliantly capture a world of good vibes and charm. Opting for a simple melody line that dives into a listener’s ears on first listen, there are fewer songs that can personify relaxation and enjoyment like this.


Once Twice a Melody- Beach House 

Beach House, my most listened to artist, their album “Once Twice a Melody” speaks new volumes. Their album named song, fits to the dream pop genre and has a nostalgic tone that encapsulates the feeling of the cusp of summer. This song goes perfect with any occasion, whether it be a rainy afternoon or a drive with the windows down.

Freazy- Wolf Alice

Wolf Alice is known for their mix of indie and rock. Also another of my favorites, any song of theirs is a good choice. “Freazy” is a more upbeat song that starts off slow and gradually becomes fast paced. Wolf Alice does an amazing job on the chorus. If you’re a fan of Mac DeMarco or Men I Trust, “Freazy” is pretty similar to a combination of the two. 


Empire Ants- Gorillaz ft. Little Dragon

Turning in a completely different direction from dream pop, Gorillaz “Empire Ants” is an underrated hit. The song is pretty slow compared to some of Gorillaz other famous works, but turns into a very satisfying electric instrumental piece. “Empire Ants” is perfect to add to any playlist and listen to no matter the time.