Class senates focus on class and community impact

Caitlyn Wohlford, Reporter

Bellevue West’s class senates can not only benefit their class, but make an impact on the community and students.  

This year the senates are all working on different projects, but the outcome will be an advantage to ones around them. According to sponsor Jennifer Roth, Freshman Senate does community service to raise funds for different community organizations. This month they are giving back to the community by helping organize a trunk-or-treat.

“Our trunk-or-treat is coming up in a couple of weeks,” Roth said. “We’re raising not only canned food, but also money for the Bellevue Food Pantry.”

According to sponsor Beth Dyrstad, Sophomore Senate hasn’t been able to give back to the community as much due to COVID, but sophomore Andrew Hedin said that they will eventually do volunteer outreach.

“We try to do volunteer work for the community once a semester,” Dyrstad said. “Last year was a little tough because of COVID, so I’m hoping that this year it’ll be better.” 

In addition, Hedin said that senate is important because it introduces students to a new group of people. Hedin recommends students who want to join senate to be ready to work hard and lead. Getting involved is beneficial because it’s great to have the balance of school work, and clubs, Hedin said. 

“It’s important because it teaches you leadership positions,” Hedin said. “It gets you introduced with a new group of people, and it’s good for the community.”

Junior Senate’s major fundraiser this year will be to focus on Prom, according to sponsor Tara Patomson. 

“We decide the theme, we decide the decorations, we do the advertising, we do tickets, we do set up, we do tear down,” Patomson said. “It’s all Prom.” 

Even though the Junior Senate’s target is to focus on prom, this senate still plans on helping the community, junior vice-president Alexis Dinverno said.

Differing from all of the senates, the Senior Senate does a lot to help out mainly only the senior class, according to sponsor Chad Huseth. Huseth said that Senior Senate focuses a lot on graduation, such as planning the baccalaureate, helping with the ceremony, buying the flowers, and the senior class gift. 

“Every penny we make goes directly back to the senior class,” Huseth said. 

Along with helping out the class, being on a senate can help with leadership skills. Senior president Robyn Boyland, says that being on the senate helps her hold herself accountable knowing that she is not only representing the senior class, but also the entire school. 

According to Boyland, although Senate is a big responsibility it can help make an impact outside of the school 

“I feel like it really is a stepping stone for doing greater things in the community, and maybe the world if we want to think big,” Boyland said.