Must watch horror movies for the halloween season

Emily Mabbitt, Co-Editor-In-Chief

Halloween (1978)

  • Rated: R

After killing his sister on Halloween night fifteen years prior, Michael Myers escapes from a mental hospital with a goal to kill.

This is where Michael Myers first started his now 43 year reign of terror. “Halloween” continues to be one of the most iconic horror movies of all time with a total of 12 films in the franchise. This is an enjoyable slasher movie that doesn’t make you feel nauseous after watching it. Unlike many horror movies from the 70s and 80s, “Halloween” holds up and is a movie to be enjoyed by generations to come.

Insidious (2010)

  • Rated: PG-13

When it seems their new house is haunted, two parents take drastic measures when they believe their son is possessed. 

Though I’ve found the supposition that PG-13 horror movies aren’t scary to be true, when playing with possession it’s hard to not make that topic at least a little disturbing. “Insidious” features some of the best horror movie jumpscares. Though “Stranger Things” came out after “Insidious” I can’t help but compare the two and their takes on other-worldly creatures. 

The Conjuring (2013)

  • Rated: R

The first movie of “The Conjuring” trilogy follows Ed and Lorraine Warren, two paranormal investigators and demonologists, as they are summoned to a house where a supernatural presence has made itself known.

All three “The Conjuring” movies are must-watches in my book, but this is where the series starts. This is a classic haunted house movie with doors closing by themselves, random footsteps, and eventually a much needed exorcism. The created tension is what makes this movie as good as it is, leaving you stiff as you wonder what ghostly shenanigans will be pulled next. 

Hereditary (2018)

  • Rated: R

After the passing of the family matriarch, the Graham family falls into a downward spiral. 

This is my all-time favorite horror movie so it obviously had to be on my must-watch list. “Hereditary” is unsettling from start to finish with the cultish undertones and upon my first watch I couldn’t figure out how it was going to end. Toni Collette delivers the best and by far most compelling performance I’ve seen in a horror movie. I’ve watched this movie at least four times and could continue to rewatch it and still enjoy it despite its two hour watch time. 

Hush (2016)

  • Rated: R

A deaf and mute writer finds herself fighting for her life as a masked man appears outside the window of her isolated home.

“Hush” gives an individual twist on what can be classified as contained survival. Though most of the movie doesn’t contain dialogue, I still found myself on the edge of my seat wondering what Maddie’s (Kate Siegel) next move was going to be. Siegel, along with director and writer Mike Flanagan, has also been a part of other horror productions I’ve enjoyed such as “The Haunting of Hill House” and “The Haunting of Bly Manor,” both of which can be watched on Netflix. 

Get Out (2017)

  • Rated: R

While visiting his white girlfriend’s parents for the weekend, a Black man finds their perception of him to be more sinister than he originally expected.

Once you think you know where this movie is going you quickly realize that you actually don’t. Jordan Peele is a genius of a director, creating unique storylines in both “Get Out” and his other popular horror movie “Us.” This nail-biter while featuring hints of satire was still eerie, absurd, and creepy.

The Invitation (2015)

  • Rated: Not Rated

After accepting a dinner invitation from his ex-wife, a man finds that there are menacing plans for the guests.

When picking randomly from Netflix’s onslaught of movies my expectations aren’t usually high, however, this movie was a pleasant surprise. Though this could be classified more as a thriller, I still think that creepy atmosphere and slow twist screams horror to me. This B movie may not be known by many; “The Invitation” should be one more people should watch.