Changing for the better: Softball improves their record during new season

Carlee Rigatuso, Business Manager

Bellevue West’s Softball team currently holds a 8-19 record for the 2021 season as compared to a 2-25 record this time in the previous year. 

With 2 games left in the season, second-year head coach Wade Tracy said he is excited to see the progress of this year’s team. 

“The difference in this team versus previous years is that we have players who play very high-level club ball in the offseason so they are used to the level of competition that comes from playing varsity softball in the state of Nebraska,” Tracy said.

Tracy said not only does this team play at a high level but it is also composed of lots of younger players. Despite the team’s talents, he still believes there is room for improvement. 

“We need to clean some issues up defensively but getting a few key players back from early injuries should help with that,” Tracy said. “We have changed the practice routines and are placing a different emphasis on different parts of the game that we previously did.”

Senior shortstop Emma Crisman believes the distinctiveness of this year’s team goes beyond the physically obvious. 

“Team chemistry overall is actually pretty good this year,” Crisman said. “We tend to stray away from drama which helps with our relationships on and off the field.” 

According to Crisman, the team establishes a connection similar to those you would make with family members. With the team creating a culture where they lift one another up. 

“It’s pretty great that we are all friends throughout,” Crisman said. “Nobody hates on someone else, if they make a mistake we are all there to back each other up.”

Tracy notes how apart from the fact this year’s team fosters respect they also exhibit determination. 

“I’m very proud of the grit and fight this team has,” Tracy said. ”They are not intimidated by the teams we have played and have shown the ability to stick with some of the top teams in the state. They never give up and continue to fight until the very end of the games.”

Tracy said he believes in the success of Bellevue West’s Softball team even beyond the 2021-22 school year. 

“I’m really excited to see this team progress,” Tracy said. “We have so many young players that the majority of this group will be able to play together for 2-3 or 4 years.”