BPS adds an additional period for block scheduling in the 21/22 school year

Emily Mabbitt, Sports Editor

As part of the advisory lessons for registration, students were told they would have eight periods to fill.

A days and B days will each consist of four 90 minute periods with three lunches and a 30 minute GPS/Advisory period before the fourth block of the day. 

Principal Kevin Rohlfs said that the staff has adapted really well with the first year of block scheduling. Rohlfs is also beginning conversations with staff as to what types of training will be needed for next year.

“So we’ll be prepared with some staff professional development going into next year and spread out throughout next year to improve the staff members’ ability to work in a block schedule,” Rohlfs said.

English teacher Sheri Schuttler said that with the longer class periods she can always finish what she needs to get done.

“In the past I found myself a lot of the times like ‘wow I wish I could get this done but I only have this much time,’” Schuttler said. “Whereas if there’s an activity I want to do I can always get it done within that amount of time.”

Sophomore Ava Wright said she prefers block scheduling over seven period days.

“It’s more convenient having classes every other day with more work time inside and outside of class and less homework per night,” Wright said.

Schuttler said students have adapted incredibly well to the change of schedule.

“I thought when we stopped taking mask breaks they would be dying,” Schuttler said. “But they really are doing great as far as just kind of hanging in there.”

Wright said with next year being eight periods it will influence which classes she takes.

“I think I’ll take a study hall next year,” Wright said. “I haven’t taken one yet in high school and I think eight classes will end up being too much.”

Rohlfs said this first year with block scheduling was mostly survival between starting with iPads and having masks.

“We had a lot of things just thrown at us so we just kind of try to survive,” Rohlfs said. “So next year will really be about trying to embrace this and make the best of it.”