Quarantine provides needed mental relief

Quarantine provides needed mental relief

I got the text from my friend telling me she might have Covid, the day of waiting at home, and then the positive results from my friend, telling me I had to quarantine. I was upset that I wouldn’t be able to see my friends, however, throughout the two weeks, I found myself liking it.

I’m more of an introverted person by nature. I have a limit on how much I can socialize with people, and I would rather stay in then go out. Quarantine, while yes, had the impending doom of school work, let me relax and break apart from everyday school and swim practice. 

If you’re a more extroverted person, I could see why quarantine would be horrible. And coming from someone who is completely fine with locking themselves away for a while the limited contact did leave me a little crazy, but FaceTime proved to be my best friend. 

I didn’t have the weight of keeping social distance, sanitizing my hands, having a mask on for seven and a half hours a day or worrying about the masks off at lunchtime. 

I made up all the sleep I lost when I was waking up early and going to bed late due to homework. I still woke up at a decent hour everyday, but it was nice being able to wake up to an alarm set for 8 a.m opposed to 6 a.m. 

 I had no motivation to complete my school work, which seems to be a reoccurring problem for anyone in quarantine. If quarantine had lasted longer than the two weeks, I would need to implement a way to get me working, whether that be locking my phone away till I get my work done, or having someone keep me on top of things. However, I do think it can be done.

I found myself completing things I didn’t have time for while I was in school. I got my closet organized, decluttered my room and deep cleaned my bathroom. And while that might seem like a cry for help for some people, believe me when I say it really needed to be done. Allowing me to destress from being at school everyday helped my mood and gave me some free time to have a few mental health days.

I get it. For a lot of people quarantine was frustrating and awful. But for someone like me, it was a nice covidcation.