Childhood nostalgia helps teens

Kennedy Sharp, Reporter

Have you noticed how the older we get, things around us seem to get more violent and less sugar coated? This all relates to growing up, and it sucks.


People look back on their childhoods and are over swept with nostalgia, thinking of a much simpler time and mindset.  A time when everything was new and you didn’t have to worry about things like relationships or paying bills. When you grow up everything seems so much more real and scary.


When you’re young, you don’t understand hardly anything that goes on around you, things like famine, war, death, and many other frightening aspects of life. Your parents try to shelter you from all of this and regardless of what people say, this really is the right thing to do. Children should be allowed to be care-free and happy for as long as they can, until they grow up.


As children grow up it seems like literally everything changes. Their body, friends, hobbies, feelings, responsibilities, and so much more. Its a lot to take in and is incredibly difficult to do alone. People need help there for them to explain what’s going on and help them, because everybody has to grow up at some point.


People have many different reasons why they don’t want to grow up. A common reason is that people are vain and don’t want to show age like a normal person is going to at some point. Another reason is gaining responsibilities, people want to only be responsible for themselves, not a house and having a job.


A choice that people can make is to simply not grow up, regress to a childhood a bit. Watch mindless kids shows or movies. They don’t talk about war, cancer, and everything else going on in the world. Kids shows are simple like kids. Go to places enjoyed as a child, get some of that childhood comfort back into life. But don’t forget that being grown up is necessary in some situations and responsibilities still exist.


The main point I’m trying to get at is growing up is really a shame but everyone still has to do it. But that doesn’t mean people need to completely grow up and become miserable being somebody that they are not. It is still possible to have fun and act childish, but to also be mature when need be. Adults can just live a little, look at the world like a child does, like they did when you were a child.


As an adult there are problems that need to be faced but that doesn’t mean being an adult is a bad thing or the end of someones life. It’s easy to still have fun and be happy as an adult, just don’t take things so seriously. Adults should laugh at themselves, swallow their pride, and have careless amusement like when they were once a child.


Children are changing as the generations go by,  such as doing drugs and having sex at earlier ages. By making these choices they are only adding to their burdens. I hope with all of my heart that this does not get worse in the future and cause kids to loose the comfort of being a child. I feel that would really change the way people grow up and how society is, for the worse.

Why would anybody want to grow up faster than they already are? Children and teenagers need to absorb and appreciate their childhoods because a true childhood is only going to come around once. Life already passes by so quickly, people should just stop and take everything in. Take in being a child, and wait for the burdens of being an adult.