West introduces final retake policy

Elissa Treu, Reporter

Bellevue West has introduced a new policy change for students who are unable to complete their semester finals during the regularly scheduled times. Students are expected to take finals during assigned time periods outside of class.

“We have a lot of students that leave early, and if they don’t communicate early, they don’t always get their tests done,” principal Kevin Rohlfs said. “Then they have to wait until they get back two weeks after the holiday break.”

In order to create a more streamlined process, students needing early exams will have predetermined times to complete their finals.

“The goal this year is to try and get everybody to do it in one of those time periods,” Rohlfs said. “That list of times where they could take tests, that’s when we’re trying to get them done, because class time is just too hectic.”

Options for students to take finals early are on Dec. 7 and 14 at Saturday school, detention after school from 3:30-4:30 p.m., and the finals study hall on Dec. 17. In order to take finals in advance, students must get approval on their individual alternative schedule from administrators by Dec. 6. These forms can be found in the Counseling Office.

“Now again, if something doesn’t [work], we’re not going to not let someone take a test,” Rohlfs said. “We’ll work something else out.”