CRCC mental health therapist to start later than expected by district

Elissa Treu, Reporter

Last March, Bellevue West and East planned on welcoming a licensed mental health therapist from the CRCC, formerly Children’s Respite Care Center, for this school year. The therapist would help students with mental health issues and other problems they may be facing. 

The first candidate selected declined, which then kick-started another round of interviews. A therapist has been hired, but will not be arriving until sometime between September and October, according to counselor Melissa Minahan.

 “If we had hired somebody in April we would have had them be able to probably be ready to start the school year,” Minahan said. “It takes a few months after that to get the person started because they have to get approved for insurance and stuff like that.” 

Counseling has made their adjustments in preparation for the mental health therapist to arrive. 

“There’s an office that used to be our social worker’s office over by the front attendance area. We have cleaned out that office and moved our social worker out to provide a space for that person,” Minahan said.

Minahan said once the therapist arrives, they will begin enrolling students for services, setting up insurance, and potentially teaching advisory lessons to get word out of the new help available.