Opinion: Little ways to make the world a better place

Emily Schmidt, Copy Editor

Anne Frank once said “how wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” It’s a simple truth that seems to slip people’s minds. In today’s world where the busiest are seen as the best, it’s so easy to get so caught up in our own lives that we don’t spare time or thought on anybody else’s. It’s unfortunate because there are many simple and painless ways we can positively impact the lives of others without even thinking.

Speak Up

Like someone’s shirt? Say something. Appreciate someone’s hard work? Say something. While these tiny comments don’t have any effect on you at all, they might be something the other person thinks about for the rest of the day. We also need to start speaking up when we see people putting each other down. It’s time to stop holding ourselves back because it “doesn’t involve us” or it’s “not our place”.

Love Yourself

There’s a saying floating around that essentially says we are our own worst critics. We shouldn’t only be showing kindness to others, but to ourselves, too. Start focusing on all the positive things about yourself and all you’ve done instead of dwelling on things you consider flaws. Sometimes what you don’t like about yourself is actually what others find the most endearing. When you learn to appreciate yourself, it becomes that much easier to appreciate and admire others.

Live Fearlessly

I’ve noticed a lot of people struggle with showing their true selves because they’re scared of being mocked. Not only are we much happier when we show our true colors, we’re inspiring. Seeing someone doing something they love and not caring what anyone else thinks is incentive to do what makes you that happy. Why stay in your shell when it doesn’t even require interaction to motivate others?

Share Your Talent and Help Others

The next time someone is struggling in something you excel at, help them out. You may find that it’s a new and exciting challenge that only makes you that much more passionate about that interest or hobby. You could also change that person’s outlook. It’s always refreshing to see something from a different point of view or hear it explained differently. In fact, it may turn out to be a better or easier approach. For example, someone struggling with math who finds it frustrating and daunting could recieve help from another student and find the new method makes it simple and even a little enjoyable.

Especially in the light of Bellevue Public Schools #BeKind initiative, it’s prime time we start making Bellevue West, and consequently the world, a better place. Let’s start making a conscious effort to think of others and be a positive influence daily.