Mock Presidential Election results


Graphic by West Wind Editor-in-Chief Candi Bolden
On Friday, Nov. 2, the Bellevue West Commons was transformed into a mock polling place for the upcoming presidential election. During their Social Studies classes, students voted.
Each Social Studies class was issued a block of time during each hour to have their students vote. Ballots were similar to that of the actual election. Students who don’t have a Social Studies class were able to vote during their lunch.
Social Studies teachers Tara Patomson, Meredith Williams and Lou Harrison set up this year’s mock election. German exchange students and students in study hall helped out.

Harrison believes the mock election inspired students to be more involved with the presidential election.

“We have one every two years. It also reinforces the ideas of voting and encourages students, when they turn 18, to be active voters,” Harrison said.

Harrison also said that over 1,000 students voted.

“We ran out of stickers and each year we only get 1,000 stickers,”

Students are approaching the actual presidential election differently.

Though junior Cory Cordes doesn’t find the presidential election interesting, he said he follows it. He said he’s watched all of the debates.

Junior Jason Koenigsman said voting feels fantastic.

“It’s the best feeling. I’ve been waiting for this since I was two,” Koenigsman said.

Hailey Stolze
Website News Editor and West Wind Commentary Editor