Tattoos and piercings shouldn’t affect hiring process

Ayanna Solomon-Smith, Reporter

In 2018, people have become more open-minded to piercings and tattoos. Employers already limit what can be worn with dress codes. By forcing concealment or controlling tattoos and piercings they’re also limiting their workers’ personalities. I can’t believe that people still argue over whether tattoos and piercings are acceptable to have in a professional workplace.

In my parents’ generation, tattoos and piercings used to be seen as gang affiliations and taboo to have. As years have passed, more and more people have some sort of body art because society’s outlook on them has changed. A survey conducted by Statista said that 42 percent of Americans have tattoos and another 19 percent considered getting one. Some have special meanings and others are just because they look cool. If society’s outlook on them has changed businesses should be more open to the idea of their employees having them.

A friend of mine was working at her job for months and was one of the best employees I’ve ever worked with. She was hardworking and independent. Customers loved her and she was on her way to becoming a manager. But that was all taken away from her all because the company didn’t like the way she looked. She decided to get a piercing with a bar going through her upper ear. She managed to hide it for awhile but, one day while not working a shift, a manger saw her piercing and fired her on the spot. She was fired for her look and not for something that actually mattered.

Yes, I know a few businesses allow their workers to have tattoos and piercings but, why not all of them? They don’t have an effect on a person’s work ethic whatsoever. And as cheesy as this sounds, don’t judge a book by its cover. The whole point of a job interview is about capabilities and not appearance.

Tattoos and piercings are meant to be shown, not hidden. Body art doesn’t cause any disturbance to the peace. It’s art anyway, some may like it and others may not.

Tattoos and piercings may not be something that everyone will want and have but that doesn’t mean you should shame others for having those type of things. Keep an open mind to other concepts and ideas. Hopefully one day all businesses will allow their workers to freely express themselves by having tattoos and piercings.