Leaky roofs cause need for repair

Billy Dunkleman, Broadcasting Manager

The Bellevue West roofs underwent heavy repair last year. Last week there was major leakage in the roofs that had to be suppressed by placing several dozen buckets across the commons and cafeteria to catch the excess water.

The roof repairs that were done last year was about a four to six month project that would sometimes take place during the school day and occasionally interrupt some classes. The roof areas that were being repaired last year included the shop classes and the foreign language classes. Repairs were also being done at the time over the nurse’s office and the pool.

“Those areas were done because they were the oldest roofs at the time and they had aged out and needed to be repaired,” Activities Director Mauro said.

The building also suffered major leakage on August 20 during a rainstorm. Mauro said that the roof was leaking in other areas than the ones replaced last year. He also said that they will try to repair the roofs that were leaking last week.

“Generally what we’ll do is mark those leaks, call the roofing company and try to have those leaks repaired if possible,” Mauro said.