Frights not worth the price at Scary Acres

Andrea Gonzalez, Reporter

The month of October comes around and the pumpkin patches and haunted houses are in business. Everybody is ready to get a little jump out of the chainsaw guy at a spooky house. If you’re looking to get really startled to the point where you almost wet your pants though, don’t consider going to Scary Acres.

Before I experienced Scary Acres I heard rumors from both sides of the spooky spectrum. Many peers said it was very thrilling, others said they were expecting much more out of it. Personally, I was expecting more out of the haunted attraction.  

Scary Acres has three exhibitions which you can choose from. There’s the House on the Hill, Master’s Castle, and Haunted Forest. I experienced the first two, which were not all that scary.

I first went to House on the Hill, which was not what I was expecting whatsoever. There were  three jump scares at the most. The rest of the attraction consisted of a walk through bloody scenery and puppets hanging around. The actors seemed as if they were bored. They would “scare” us once we had already seen them. Basically, it was a whole bunch of teenagers screaming in our ears. It didn’t take long to get out of there either, just a 15 minute walk.

The Master’s Castle wasn’t any better. The limited times that I jumped were when there were loud honking noises ricocheting in my ear. The only thing the actors did was follow us around. They also didn’t have many actors working there. One of them even got out of character to say something sarcastic at my group of friends. The worst part was the chainsaw guy chasing us out of the haunted house. It was late and dark, did he really think that we wanted to run?

Scary Acres was not worth the $20 that I payed. Bellevue Berry Farm has a better haunted house than House on the Hill and the Master’s Castle. I also payed $5 for a funnel cake that was not worth it either.

The only thing that I liked was that the lines were short on that Sunday. Other than that, I suggest you look for a different haunted attraction to end October.