Teachers embrace summer vacation


Andrea Gonzalez

French teacher Debra Richardson points to a map of France, where she intends to travel to this summer.

Andrea Gonzalez, Reporter

The last bell of the school year rings and everyone is ready to sprint out of the doors of Bellevue West to get their summer vacation started. Just like students, teachers are excited to get some time away from so many people and spend it with their friends and families.

“I like the energy that students bring, because everyday is different and it’s always exciting, but it’s really nice to have some time to do my own thing and to go see my own friends,” French teacher Debra Richardson said.

The real question is, what do teachers do during the summer?  No, they don’t live at school, they have lives as well.  But what are their plans for this summer?

Richardson says she is going to spend her free time with friends from the other side of the world.  This summer, she is going to hop on a plane and take off to Europe. There she will meet up with friends, go to barbeques, and explore Europe.

“In June, I’m going to go to England and Wales,” Richardson said.  “In July I’m going to go spend time in Paris with my niece, and then off to Berlin and then Prague.”

Technical Science teacher Scott Blackwell will have his hands full with his summer jobs during the three months off.  He partners with Technical Science teacher Joseph Nadgwick on their own exterior painting company. Their goal is to paint from 25 to 40 houses during the summer.

“We wanted to stay active,” Blackwell said.  “You just feel better when you’re doing manual labor, you feel more healthy, you feel better mentally.  Just being outside being busy plus being able to make money was a win win.”

Blackwell will also spend his time traveling around the nation with the Omaha Sports Academy Crusaders. When he is home, he enjoys spending his time with his 4 year old and 6 year old daughters.

Art teacher Paula Yoachim will focus on her personal art during the summer. She goes to museums across the nation with her husband to get inspired. On a typical summer day, you can find Yoachim in her house decorating and rearranging her home.

“I like to do a lot of decorating in the house, so I always pick out a couple rooms to repaint and redecorate,” Yoachim said.

Yoachim also gets a thrill out of motorcycle rides during the hot time. As a kid, she would look up to her brother and his motorcycle. When she got older she thought it would be cool to buy a motorcycle, so she did.

Even though teachers’ lives are very busy during the school year, they still take the time off and do what they enjoy during the summer.

“Read books during the summer,”Richardson said.  “Books are good.”