Lemon announces Big Ten Outdoor Track and Field Championship


Steve Lemon announces at the Big 10 outdoor track and field championships alongside Ohio State announcer, David Hunter, at University Park.

Kortney Buresh, Entertainment Editor

Most people in the Bellevue community may know him as a Bellevue West math teacher, others, the commentator for football and basketball games, and still some as a tennis or baseball coach. But as of Friday, May 12 – Sunday, May 14 he was the voice of the Big 10 Outdoor Track and Field Championship.

Steve Lemon has always been into the hobby of announcing athletics. His interest in it first came up in college, and ever since he has announced in some way.

“I don’t like the sound of my own voice when I hear it, but people say I have a good announcer voice so there you go,” Lemon said.

Lemon’s announcing experience has a vast range, from local wrestling matches to state volleyball and basketball, and even University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s volleyball and track.

Lemon is currently the announcer for the Nebraska Huskers Track and Field. Through this he received the opportunity to announce at the Big 10 Outdoor Track and Field Championship this year.

“One thing leads to another if the right person hears you and you don’t screw it up too bad the it leads you to do something else,” Lemon said.

The championship meet last three days starting Friday, May 12 and ending Sunday, May 14 However as an announcer, Lemon said it’s not all fun and games. Lemon researched athletes names and stats prior to the weekend in order to make his job, and the meet run smoothly.

“Just hours and hours and hours of research I stay up very late every night to do that,” Lemon said. “But it’s fun, it’s hard work but it’s fun.”

His hard work from the nights before comes into play when the meet starts. Lemon described his job as making the meet as exciting as he can for the fans. He does this by pumping up the crowd while giving off the most information he can about each athlete.

“I think it’s cool when an athlete is lining up for a meet for a race and this total stranger knows a lot about them,” Lemon said.

Out of all of Lemon’s announcing experience he describes track and field being his favorite.

“It’s a ton of work but when you’re doing it, it’s still a rush,” Lemon said. “I’m exhausted but the adrenaline keeps you going and the excitement is neat.”

And as for his math class, Lemon was organized so that his students were prepared and helped while he was away.

“I tried very hard for my classes to be ready when I was gone,” Lemon said. “I put together things that they could do while I was gone that I felt like they could work together on.”

Lemon said that he is appreciative of his opportunity that he got at the Big 10 Championship and uses the atmosphere of the meet to motivate him.

“The athletes work hard so I try to work hard for them,” Lemon said.