Schoology to be integrated at Bellevue West

Sara Fogerty, News Editor

Starting in the 2017-2018 school year, Schoology will be integrated into classrooms for all grade levels in Bellevue. Schoology is a resource that allows users to create, manage, and share content and resources.

“As Bellevue adds more devices, Schoology will provide a digital workflow that is consistent for students, teachers, and parents,” District Technology Specialist Ann Feldmann said.

Many teachers already utilize Schoology to create a more technology-driven curriculum.

“I use Schoology almost everyday for so many different things,” science teacher Sandra Lemke said.

Schoology offers multiple features such as delivering course materials to students, grading of assignments, and sharing resources to students.

“It is nice to have a main hub that students know they can log-in to and find course materials and information,” Lemke said. “If they are absent, most of my students know they can make up the work easily at home or even on the go using their smartphone or any device with a web browser.”

The integration of Schoology into the curriculum will create new to teach.

“It gives me time to work on being the best classroom teacher possible and to come up with activities to make latin as fun as I can make it,” latin teacher Leslie Hooper said.

Teachers who use Schoology may have to adjust how they plan classes.

“It is more work on the front end of things like creating all of my course materials,” Lemke said. “However, it makes my life so much easier on the back end when it comes to grading.”

Because not every teacher currently utilizes Schoology, those who do not will undergo training to begin the transition.

“By the end of the school year over 150 teachers will have been trained on Schoology,” Feldmann said. “Over the next four years, all teachers will be provided training prior to using Schoology in their classroom.”

Schoology will create a platform for students to access anytime, anywhere.

“One of my biggest struggles as a teacher is the classic ‘did I miss anything?’ question I get from students when they are absent from class,” Lemke said. “Now, I can simply refer them to Schoology, and they can see what they missed.”