New advisory period introduced to take place of Silent Sustained Reading

Sara Fogarty, News Editor

The 2017-2018 schedule will include a 20 minute advisory period between 2nd and 3rd hour, independent from other classes.This will replace the current Silent Sustained Reading (SSR) period.

“Currently some juniors and seniors leave after period 4 for Metro Career Academies,” counselor Melissa Minahan said. “In order to provide a teacher mentor for all students, we felt that it was important to move Advisory earlier in the day.”

However, this new advisory period will be different than the current SSR period.

“SSR time was originally time set aside to promote reading and to address Bellevue West’s literacy goal for accreditation,” Minahan said. “Bellevue West is implementing a separate advisory time to focus on ways to engage students, communicate important information, and provide a teacher mentor for each student in our school.”

Advisory lessons are currently being discussed during SSR twice a month. This advisory period will focus on more descriptive topics to be discussed more often.

“Based on student and staff feedback we are going to focus on college and career information, college testing preparation and information, personal social topics affecting our student population, four-year plans for students, and life skills,” Minahan said.

17 staff members are a part of an Advisory Committee, which is responsible for laying the foundation for the advisory period. Each advisory class will include students from all grade levels, and will be led by the same teacher for each year to follow.

“At this time, the committee has met twice to analyze our current use of advisory time, results from recent surveys, and to outline the direction for the program next year,” Minahan said. “With additional professional development time built into the district schedule for next year, the committee will meet on a regular basis to create lessons and discussions that are meaningful and relevant for students.”