Culinary Arts Club brings food truck atmosphere to staff


Sarah Fogarty

Teachers line up to order from the Culinary Arts Club food truck.

Sarah Fogarty, News Editor

A truck constructed out of paper and cardboard waited for staff to indulge in its Mexican-style

Cuisine. Created by the Culinary Arts Club students, the truck was built to resemble an authentic food truck. On May 12, the Culinary Arts Club opened their decorated taco truck for business.

“It was a goal of mine to incorporate more project based learning into my classroom,” foods teacher Lori Huffman said. “I also wanted to give the students more ‘real life’ restaurant experience.”

Students involved in the Culinary Arts Club began the planning and decoration arrangements in advance in order to prepare for the event.

“They took a business survey around the school and asked the students and staff what type of food truck they had been to before, and what they preferred or liked in the past,” Huffman said.

The Culinary students prepared Mexican food, the staff’s preference, in advance.

“We’ve been preparing the meat by seasoning, shredding, and slow cooking pounds of beef, pork, and chicken,” senior Paige Wallingford said.

Both Huffman and her Culinary Arts students played a role in preparing and serving the food.

“I am going to be serving from the truck,” Wallingford said. “There are numerous jobs like preparing plates, dishing ice cream, and cleaning that we will all be rotating doing.”

The food truck lunches were priced from $3 to $7.50, and were available to the staff from 10:30 a.m. to 1:00 pm.

“I did a lot of research about food trucks, and a lot of thinking about how to implement one in a school setting,” Huffman said.

Proceeds from the food truck will benefit the Culinary Arts Club.