Prom: the boy’s perspective


Photo from AJ Forbes Instagram

Juniors AJ Forbes and Rachel Nimmer pose for a picture before their homecoming dance.

AJ Forbes, Sports Editor

Suits, polished watches, and a good sum of money in wallets. This is the package that guys associate with prom. What may be easy to forget is the fact that being a gentleman is key to assuring your date has the night of her life.

Prom is her special night. Do not make it anything less.

Everyone knows that most girls going to prom are going to spend most of the day making sure their hair and makeup are perfect and their dress fits just right. I think I can speak for most guys when I say I just comb my hair, put some gel in it to perk it up, and don a suit with a tie the color your date picked out. No, we don’t spend as much time on our looks as our dates, but we definitely spend time on some other important factors of prom night.

It is a given that we are expected to pay for everything during the duration of the night. We are going to pay for the dinner, the fee to get into prom, the movie that our date picked out, and any other amenities that come up. The key is to mentally prepare ourselves for the amount of money coming out of our wallets and everything will be okay, I promise.

Whatever you do, do not complain to your date about anything financial.

We have to make the restaurant reservations to somewhere besides McDonald’s and Chick-Fil-A. It is expensive, but worth it. We enjoy going to dinner and spending time with our dates or else they would not be our dates.

Oh yeah, and we make sure that our date does not lay a finger on a door handle to anything (car door, restaurant door). The first step to being a gentleman is to tell your date she looks beautiful and to hold every door open for her.

When we get to the dance, we make sure that our dates are dancing and lip syncing their little hearts out. Prom is supposed to be fun for both the guy and the gal. We dance and may even lip sync to Katy Perry once or twice, but all that matters is if our date had fun or not. And I am 100 percent content with that.