The Lumineers impress in Omaha


Courtesy of Emma Larson

Seniors Emma Larson and Kenny Allred take a photo together at the Lumineers Concert.

Emma Larson, Managing Editor

The lights dimmed for the last time. A subdued car-engine rumble transformed into a roaring chorus of deafening screams as three silhouettes took the stage.

On Tuesday, January 17, The Lumineers performed their Cleopatra World Tour at the CenturyLink Center in Omaha. This was, hands down, one of the best concerts I have attended without knowing all of the lyrics beforehand. I was familiar with some of the band’s songs, but still felt I could connect to the songs I didn’t know very well.

Considering it was a weeknight, parking was not bad at all. The arena was virtually bare for the first opening act, Margaret Glaspy, and then it started to fill up for Andrew Bird. By the time The Lumineers went on, it was packed.

Before the show, I noticed what would be one of my favorites aspects of the night’s experience: the diverse audience the band attracted. Just in the section where I was sitting, there were a group of giggling teens to my right, a young couple (probably in their 20s) to my left, a group of older aged people behind me, and a family with three young girls sitting directly in front of us.

The band opened up with “Submarines,” a single from their new album. The great acoustics, a backdrop of crashing waves, and the soft undertone of the crowd singing along made for an enjoyable atmosphere.

As they made their way down the set list, I was constantly drawn to the variety of instruments used throughout the show. Piano solos paired with the calming bow of a cello complemented the lead singer’s raspy vocals. When all the elements were put together, the band gave off a Vance-Joy-meets-The-Avett-Brothers kind of vibe.

At one point during the show, The Lumineers performed on a small stage in the middle of the arena. This was one of many components that made the night feel intimate. Even though I was sitting in one of the highest sections, the band still found a way to connect with the audience–myself included–on a deeper level. The band explained emotional meanings behind some of their songs and even sang “Happy Birthday” to their drummer.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this concert. The Lumineers left their audience, both young and old, feeling connected to their music. If you missed them in Omaha, you can purchase tickets for their show in Des Moines, Iowa, on March 24.