Tips and Tricks With Patience: Top Ten Netflix Movies

Tips and Tricks With Patience: Top Ten Netflix Movies

Patience Jurgens, Reporter

You finished watching your favorite series or movie(s) on Netflix and now there’s literally nothing for you netfliix-graphicto do besides stare at the ceiling and mope, I get it, but if I’m not ahead of my roll I think I have a plan for you.

The first thing you can do is stop being a baby. Pick up that remote and search Netflix because I know you weren’t raised to be a quitter.

Netflix is a streaming site with an abundance of movies, shows, and documentaries. Since you’re at a low (which I know because you’re reading an article on what to watch) I’ll give you a list of the best movies on Netflix.

  1. Tallulah

“Tallulah” is about a couple that live out of a van, who are facing relationship issues, which cause the boyfriend, Nico, to leave Tallulah. Tallulah creates a scheme to get her boyfriend back, which eventually ends up blowing up in her face.

Watching this movie kept my attention the whole time, even when a young man in a rainbow horse mask walked into my house with the cops (it was my brother). If that doesn’t speak highly of the movie I don’t know what will.

  1. The Fundamentals of Caring

In the beginning of this movie you will question why you’re watching it. It starts out very, very boring. Good news is that after the relationship between the caretaker and the young man with muscular dystrophy starts to develop, you won’t be able to stop watching.

I’m about to get sappy, and I apologize, but this movie shows that someone with a disability is way more than their disability. This film showed the struggles and the fun equally well.

  1. The Princess Bride

The Princess used to be a young girl (surprise) and her family had help around their house. One specific guy stood out to her. She fell in love with him and then he left and never returned. Until one day after being kidnapped from her fiancé, he saves her. You’ll have to see the rest to see the good parts, though.

I have loved this movie ever since my dad showed it to me as a little girl. Now I’m a senior in High School fangirling over the fact it’s on Netflix. As you can tell, it’s a pretty big deal.

  1. Dope

“Dope” is about three close friends, Malcolm, Diggy, and Jib, who have a close bond due to their love for music. One night they go to a birthday party of a drug dealer and Malcolm’s friend steals drugs and hides it in his backpack. The rest of the movie they spend trying to blackmail and avoid the dealers.

The plot was interesting and easy to follow even though I couldn’t predict the ending.

Not being able to figure it all out is the best part of a movie.

  1. Silver Linings Playbook

“Silver Linings Playbook” has to be one of the best movies I’ve seen that has to do with mental illness. It was so realistic and people with mental illness could connect so easily (I would know).

The main characters both have deep unresolved issues with their previous relationships and end up clinging to each other for comfort and support.

It was relatable, and the emotions and actions conveyed are what many people experience, including myself. That’s what made this movie real.

  1. Clueless

One of the absolute best things that came out of the 90’s. The main character, Cher, gets a reality check when she realizes money and popularity isn’t all that matters. So then she falls for her ex-stepbrother.

Yuck, but cute.

This a great film to see on Netflix if you’re looking for a teen comedy or if you want to see a rich white girl learn a lesson about the reality of life.

  1. Sixteen Candles

Constant teen struggle: cute boy or the boy that actually cares?  

Now, not all girls think this way and for some it’s just unconsciously believing so, but that’s basically the plot for this movie. Which is good, because inner conflict is some of the best conflict to see unfold.

Highly recommend watching on a day that you’re either angry or sad.

  1. Ghost

Romantic and Action? Yes please. This would be a great movie to watch with a significant other while watching Netflix together.

After Molly’s lover is killed by his own business partner, her lover, Sam, is a ghost roaming the earth unable to do anything. But he still tries to save his true love from his old business partner and his friends.

This movie will make your heart break and make you say “awwww” at the same time.

  1. Zootopia

I watched this movie with my two year old sister and we both loved it.

“Zootopia” is about a Metropolis run by… animals. Crazy? Yeah, kinda. There’s a young rabbit, though, who was the first to join Zootopia’s police force and tries to prove her skills time and time again.   

This cartoon was both cute and gave an important message to understanding viewers: don’t give up on your dreams.

  1. Saving Private Ryan

Gory. Gory. Gory. The first 15-30 minutes of this movie I peered from behind my pillow trying not to see the water turn red from blood. Yes, the water on the shore of the island turned red.  

But, this shed so much light on the realities of men in battle and how they stick together as a family. Though I may never truly understand their bond and feelings during war, I still made a connection.

Everyone has those people they bond with and stick with no matter what, and that was the most important message I got from the whole movie. 10/10 would recommend, if you can get past the beginning.

Now that I’ve given you plenty of movies to watch, you can quit moping.
Until you finish them all.