Students support Paris victims


Photo Credit: Melissa Irish

A miniature Eiffel Tower stands on the donation table during third lunch.


In the aftermath of the Paris attacks, a group of students at Bellevue West are raising support and money for the victims.

On November 13, Islamic State terrorists killed 129 people in Paris at a concert, outside a France-Germany soccer match, at a cafe, and at three other locations.  Hundreds more have been injured.

“They were just living their life, going to the cafe or to a football game,” French teacher Pamela Miller said. “They were going to a concert and terrorists came out and assassinated them.”

Those attacks inspired sophomore Magnolia Johnson to start a donation table at Bellevue West.  She asked her French teacher, Miller, and got her idea approved.

“It was my idea and I help with it, but she’s the one who put it into action,” Johnson said.

The table was set up in the hallway that connects the commons to the cafeteria.  Students staffed it during lunch for all of this week, which coincides with French Week.

“At the table, we are signing posters showing our compassion towards Paris in these times,” sophomore Ian Allen said. “Plus, we have this little collection going for the French Red Cross that we’ll send to them.”

The French Red Cross will use the donation to help those impacted by the attacks.

“There’s more than 150 people in the hospital yet, and we don’t know how serious some of those people are,” Miller said. “So, with 129 dead and 150 in the hospital, that’s people who are hurting, who need counseling, whose families are worried.  What little money we can send, if it helps something, we want to do that.”

To them, having the students show their support by signing the posters is more important than having them donate money.  Miller said the main goal was to raise awareness and support for the victims, and that objective has been met.

As a school, I think we have a resounding call of ‘We stand with Paris,’” Allen said.

Melissa Irish