Flock Squad supports fine arts at state

On Oct. 24, the marching band performed in the Nebraska State Bandmasters Association competition. The band placed first.

On Oct. 24, the marching band performed in the Nebraska State Bandmasters Association competition. The band placed first.

Brooke Riley

Throughout the years, the Flock Squad has been keeping the crowd hype at football and basketball games. This year, the squad has been promoting more sports and activities that most students don’t attend.

On Saturday, Oct. 24, the marching band competed in the state competition at Millard South High School. Senior Josh Lambert had the idea for the Flock Squad to attend the competition.

“Every time the band performs at halftime, it just energizes the crowd and it’s like us giving back to them what they have given to us,” Lambert said.

Other students agree that the student body should be supporting more programs including the Marching Thunderbirds.

“Our band is really good and they don’t get enough recognition all the time because they are so good,” senior Emily Summers said. “It’s cool to be able to support all aspects of our school.”

Lambert said the student section cheers consist of “we love band,” “number one in state and number one in our hearts,” and just being as loud as possible.

Summers said that even though the band’s season is almost over, students can still get on the announcements to promote and support the band.

The band members appreciate the support coming from the student body.

Senior Liam Tobey said he likes to see the student section start to take an interest in the band whereas in the past, they didn’t pay much attention.

“It’s kind of cool to see that they are going to try and actually support us out of the school,” Tobey said.

As a junior, Megan LeClere said the band has not been supported in the past the way they are this year.

“I’m really excited and I think they are going to be gladly surprised with what they see,” LeClere said.

Senior Veronica Bryant said that for the guard, the girls feed off the crowd’s energy which helps them perform to their full potential.

The judges can even see when a crowd enjoys the show which will continue to feed into the positivity on the field.

The band, according to Tobey, performs a lot based off crowd reactions. When there isn’t a whole lot of cheering, the show tends to “die” but when there is reactions from the crowd, the members get really into their performance.

LeClere said it would be great for the Flock Squad to continue coming to local competitions in future years.

“I know no other bands have that support system, even hosting bands don’t have that kind of support so that would be awesome,” LeClere said

Tobey said he thinks the more competitions students attended, the more they will appreciate the work band puts into their shows.

“We’re proving that we are a very good program and that it’s a great program to be in and we support the 110% just like they are one of the guys on the field,” Lambert said.

Brooke Riley
Co Editor-In-Chief