Thunderbeat Close Up: S1:E10: Humans of High School



Lola Steburg, 9
“I like to stand out because I feel like I need to express myself in some way and dying my hair–although it makes my hair kind of dead–it just really shows my personality. Green is the craziest color I’ve ever had my hair.” –Lola Steburg, 9
Chris Duron, 11
“I wear these socks because wearing colorful socks just makes me happy. I don’t think they mean anything; they’re just donuts on my socks.” –Chris Duron, 11
Anthony Ermitano, 12
“I’ve been practicing magic since seventh grade, but I’ve been fascinated with it for as long as I can remember. Every magician out there is a huge inspiration to me. I always believed that I was a bit socially awkward, so I always figured if I could just go up to someone and say, ‘Would you like to see a magic trick?’ and they say ‘Yes,’ and I perform, that’s just my way of opening up to people.” –Anthony Ermitano, 12
Jack Gage, 11
“This hoodie is important to me because it is from my dad’s work. He’s been a fireman in Omaha for 15 years. I plan on going into firefighting.” –Jack Gage, 11