Movie goers search for Nemo again


The well known Disney classic “Finding Nemo” returned to the big screen in 3-D on September 14, bringing back old audience as well as new ones.

The re-releasing of this movie in theaters was pretty exciting. Even though I did enjoy the movie in 2-D, seeing it in 3-D was a lot better. The 3-D effect added more emphasis to certain scenes and gave the feeling of the big giant ocean.

With choosing to watch it in 3-D, little kids receive orange glasses that say ‘Finding Nemo 3-D’ and a picture of Nemo on the side, which are surrounded by bubbles. The glasses are also smaller than the regular ones, better suited for their viewing experience.

Several scenes stuck out to me. In the scene where Dory and Marlin run into the whale, the 3-D effect made the whale look even bigger and for a second startled me because of its size.

Another scene that was better in 3-D was the one with Marlin and Dory in the East Australian Current with the sea turtles where they meet Crush and his son Squirt. The scene seemed more real in 3-D, like I was actually riding the current with them.

The jellyfish scene was also emphasized in 3-D. Marlin and Dory were surrounded by millions of jellyfish popping out of the screen. It kind of made me dizzy.

The audience was full of families–mostly little kids with their parents. Older couples also watched the movie, it really is for everyone.

Watching the movie with the 3-D effect really enhanced the vastness of the ocean. Every scene seemed more vivid and more real. I felt like I was there, swimming with Marlin and Dory.

Putting Nemo back in theaters was a good idea and it was cool to have the option of being able to watch it in 3-D. I would recommend to anyone who is still clinging to childhood to go and watch it.

Nayeli Hernandez