Tips and Tricks with Patience: improve your school lunch


Sophomore Tiearra McLey’s lunch came from the school’s salad bar.


Sophomore Tiearra McLey's lunch came from the school's salad bar.
Sophomore Tiearra McLey’s lunch came from the school’s salad bar.


Let’s face it, school lunch is never going to be something that people thoroughly enjoy, but there are some ways to get around it being so boring.

Most people in Bellevue West don’t know that we have a soup, salad and sandwich line. It’s sad to me because it is one of my favorite places to get school lunch because there are so many options guaranteed.

The soup, salad and sandwich line allows you to pick two main items, so that’s six different combinations to choose from. You can pick from many choices in sides varying from pasta salad to fresh cut up strawberries. They serve a different kind of soup almost every day.

My favorite combination in the soup, salad and sandwich line is the minestrone soup and a salad with turkey, cheese, broccoli, celery and Dorothy Lynch. The best sides are fresh grapes, fresh strawberries, string cheese and ranch for my celery sticks. To top it all off, I get a chocolate milk to wash it  down. It’s so delicious and healthier than the average school lunch.

There’s also a snack shop with plenty of different options to choose from. Strawberry Yogurt Chex Mix (the best snack ever) is 75 cents a bag and extremely delicious. They also serve apples, salads, Fruit Water, and even pizza. You can never go wrong with pizza, ever.

If you have 4 dollars to spend on lunch, then try the sub sandwich line. You get two different choices in bread or three choices of tortillas. Then you can choose the meat you prefer out of roast beef, turkey and ham. Next you choose the cheese, vegetables, and sauce. Plus, the sub line has the sweetest woman named Ms. Polly Woodruff and if you go to the sub line it’s not really for the food, but to say hi to her because she’s so nice. Once your sandwich is made you can grab a water or flavored water and a bag of chips and check out, but the chips and drink are extra.

Now if none of those options seem satisfying, you still have a chance because those are not the only school lunch lines to choose from. The regular school lunch line isn’t ideal, but they serve spicy chicken sandwiches everyday, and if you put on either ketchup or mayonnaise with pickles you’re set with a McChicken minus the lettuce.

Bellevue West offers so many things you can have for lunch. Bottom line is school lunches are what’s provided and you need to make the best of what is served to you instead of complaining about it. Or maybe you should just pack a lunch.

Patience Jurgens