Players give insight on preseason conditioning


Photo by Haille Cox


Photo by Haille Cox
Photo by Haille Cox

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]uring pre-season players try to eat healthier, practice more often, and spend more time getting into the mindset of the upcoming season. This gives the players a head start on the new season. For some players their daily eating habits change.

“I like to eat smaller meals during the day, so instead of having a breakfast, lunch and dinner most people traditionally have and definitely just snack throughout the day,” senior Delanie Jackson track athlete said.

Although eating healthier is a good way to prepare, the real improvement comes in to play when the players begin to workout more.

“I workout three times a day,” junior tennis player Joey Lydiatt said.

Players can also use the material that they learn in core classes and apply it to how they train.

“I am in forensics and I am also an editor, you have to be very dedicated and very diligent with things like that, because you can’t really slack off with anything like , you have to maintain your focus through both of those activities,” Jackson said.

With preseason being vital to an athlete’s later performance. The time it takes to prepare properly may take more hours out of the day, but for others it has no little to no effect.

“It’s just an hour or two after school, it doesn’t really effect my schedule,” junior golfer Mitchell Seagle said.

Working out can improve players and prepare them for what is to come in the upcoming season. Coaches have players do workouts to aid in their best interest in their sport.

“We do golf specific training exercises, building up our core. We don’t over do it, though. I don’t want to wear out our players,” boys’ golf coach Robert Klug said.

Coaches also do what they can to help out their players. Even if that involves the coaches taking time to help their players after school.

“I am present at all preseason conditioning practices. My assistant, Thomas Harris, is also present. We structure and lead the conditioning, and we push them to reach levels but they may not push themselves,” girls’ tennis coach Chad Bartlett said.

Just like many players, coaches try to get their team into a mindset that allows them to feel more confident.

“What we want to make sure is that we have an open mind, preparing not only ourselves, but getting ready for our courses in with we are going to see throughout the season,” Klug said.

Getting to know their teammates allows the players to relate more and work better as a team. Some sports may have potlucks, fundraisers and even weekly meetings in order to bring everyone together.

“I know a lot of the times we will just try to reconnect with one another if we haven’t see each other in awhile,” Jackson said. “That can sometimes mean just having team dinners or potlucks or just even going out together, like the movies or run.”

Some players just practice continuously during the preseason, but others have rituals to help them get focus on the season.

“To play as much tennis without a shirt as possible,” Lydiatt said.

Haille Cox