Joe’s Crab Shack fails to create crabby customers


Reporter Sydney Zuelke

“Come crack a claw in Omaha.”

As soon as I walked into Joe’s Crab Shack for the first time, there was a lot to take in. The shark hanging above my head, quirky signs everywhere, the famous tye-dye t-shirts, and so much more.  The atmosphere was very fun, and I could not wait to see if the food impressed me as well.

There was just one problem – a two hour wait.  Being as hungry as I was, I left disappointed. I returned the next day around 2 p.m. and even at an odd hour of the day, there was an hour long wait. This time I decided to be patient, walking around the mall until I received a text message telling me our table was ready.

There wasn’t just seafood to offer at Joe’s Crab Shack, for those who aren’t fans. Also on the menu were burgers, clubs, and salads. Being a seafood lover myself, I took a look at the wide selection they provided.

My waitress recommended the steampots, which were different combinations of seafood and seasonings. For people who prefer spicy foods, there’s the Rajun Cajun: Dungeness crab, Queen crab, shrimp and andouille sausage. If you aren’t looking for crab there is The Orleans steampot: one pound of crawfish, 12 shrimp and andouille sausage all spiced up. I personally went with Joe’s Classic steampot: Dungeness crab, sweet Snow crab, boiled shrimp and smoked sausage. Each steampot comes with an ear of corn, and potatoes. I split the steampot with my mom, and still had enough food to be content. The steampots range from $18.49 to $38.99. But don’t worry, you get what you pay for.

Before our food was brought out, our waitress approached our table with bibs–eating crab can get pretty messy. (I wouldn’t recommend it on a first date). These weren’t ordinary bibs however, our waitress had written on them with marker. I sported one that said “Crabalicious” while my mom was lucky enough to get one that read “My server gave me crabs.”

In the two hour period I was in the restaurant, there were three birthday celebrations. I thought it was clever how they said a fun fact about each person, and then put a neon colored wig on them. And of course, sang them a birthday song.

Overall, my first experience at Joe’s Crab Shack was a memorable one. I have no doubt that I will be returning, and maybe even giving in and buying one of those famous t-shirts. I highly recommend this restaurant, and also advise you to get there a few hours early, just in case.