Taco Bell’s new app allows mobile ordering



Taco Bell app

Taco Bell released an app on Oct. 28 that lets customers order and pay for their drive-thru or sit down meals before they reach the restaurant. The free app is offered for both iOS and Android phones, and aims to make the Live Más experience more convenient for all fans.

“The goal of the app is for a faster way for you to get your food,” Seth Peterson, who works at the Taco Bell located on Galvin Road, said.

Although people still have to go to the restaurant, their food will already be prepared, eliminating the wait. Customers can either pick up their Mexican styled meal at the drive-thru or the takeout line inside all participating restaurants.

“I’d rather use the drive-thru because I only get Taco Bell when I want food near school that’s cheap, and I can only get food in between activities,” junior TJ Reyes said.

Not everyone is a fan of the app.

“I don’t see the point. If I still have to go to the restaurant to get my food, why not just order there?” junior Gabby Brann said.

The app features detailed images of every item on the menu, like burritos oozing with melted cheese. The visuals help customers order and make up for the missing restaurant aroma. It also lists all the options available to customize orders like adding or omitting ingredients.

The app also has multiple features like “Rotate to Reorder,” which memorizes customized orders. According to the Taco Bell Corporation, more features may be added in the future, after they receive customers reviews.

Taco Bell’s plan is to double revenue to $14 billion and add 2,000 locations over the next eight years. The app is part of the company’s plan to reach their goal.

The app is available on Google Play and in the App Store.

Kylie Fenger
Commentary Editor