Bellevue Comprehensive Scholarship deadline moved to Dec. 12

Bellevue Comprehensive


Bellevue Comprehensive

The week of Oct. 27 seniors received a packet for the Bellevue Comprehensive Scholarship, but this year the deadline was moved up to Dec. 12.

The main person this change affected was Kathie Britten, the scholarship coordinator.

“I’ve been doing this deadline the same for fourteen years, prior to when I started it was basically the same deadline, so for me it’s quite different,” Britten said. “I have to do everything a little bit earlier and I have to rethink how I process everything and get it out to the kids. It shouldn’t be an issue because no matter whether we have due now or have it due at the original time, It’s still the same amount of time the kids have to fill it out.”

The deadline has been moved up because the Bellevue Public Schools Foundation needed more time to review each student’s application more carefully so they would be able to inform them on the congratulatory breakfast date in the spring for those who earned the scholarship. It also mutually benefits the students because most colleges have scholarships and financial forms due by Feb. 1st.

The Bellevue Public Schools Foundation was founded in 1985 for the sole purpose of putting together scholarships and other resources for Bellevue students to widen their education. The program has expanded since it was founded and the Comprehensive Scholarship is now only one of the many things this foundation funds.

Kevin Mills is the Bellevue Public Schools Foundation coordinator for student services, and oversees the Comprehensive Scholarship Program.

“My goal would be to encourage students to apply,” Mills said. “That’s our biggest piece. We have money available that these wonderful individuals have set up very generously on these funds for students to receive scholarships, and my goal is number one, that we make sure that everybody applies for them so we can make sure those scholarships are given out. Second part of that is that there’s ways to expand all individuals to know about it, not only within the schools but within the community.”

Patience Jurgens