Musicians wreck their reputations


Music artists come and go just as fast as Miley Cyrus came in on the wrecking ball. The evolution of a music artist and their change in fashion and music style is something that our generation is all too familiar with.

For instance what used to be a 12-year-old’s icon is now the cover of rebellious, half nude “artists.” This monumental change in Miley Cyrus is only one sad tale of how fortune and fame turn innocence into explicit content. Cyrus made her big break in the industry with her own show “Hannah Montana.”

The show featured a young girl chasing after her dreams while having an alter-ego to protect her “normal life.” The show went on for several years with its rising number of fans. Cyrus then ended Hannah Montana and began to pursue a more mature acting career. Her newest album “Bangerz” was released in 2013 and premiered at the time of her downfall.

The envied luscious curls came off with haste and her wardrobe began to morph into a less classy and for lack of a better word promiscuous selection. Her video for Wrecking Ball literally came in and destroyed her already fragile reputation with a nude scene and various gestures involving a seemingly innocent hammer.

Another artist that we have grown up with is Justin Bieber. The prepubescent 14-year-old was discovered using YouTube and his fame took off from there. As he grew up he lost the giant brown bowl of hair that rested on his head and extended the trend of skater hair. Bieber gained some well needed height and began hitting the gym.

Some risky encounters with paparazzi and an attitude founded by his endless number of fans put him on the up-to-date list of young adults who have crumbled under fame.

Britney Spears is known around the globe for her heart-breaking appearance revealing a messily shaven head and a lack of common sense. While she has evolved since then and began to earn respect again from her fans she definitely took a trip to the doghouse for her public display of insanity.

Teenage pop stars have to endure their rebellious, awkward stage while being seen by the world. They have no secrets or safe place where they can mature properly without having terrible influences thrown at them. But the problem is that instead of receiving positive influences they are being forced to be one. The pressure of being an ideal idol for America’s younger generation while trying to find themselves is an overwhelming task and most of them fall apart.

While the change is not always bad (an unlikely chance), there are a majority of cases where to our surprise what we thought was untainted and young turned into what we will keep our children from seeing.

Another problem is that for a while Cyrus was going unnoticed and the Wrecking Ball stunt launched her back into fame. Whether the publicity was positive or negative, it was still publicity.

The change in artists is a rough battle considering most of the feedback from their new music is good and the reaction to their appearances and music videos is negative. We fall in love with their music all over again but in turn begin to hate what their personality has become.

Bekah Hayes