McFoster’s Cafe has something for everyone


McFoster’s Natural Kind Cafe is fundamentally a vegetarian restaurant; however it also caters to vegans and serves free range chicken and some seafood. Even before walking in to the Cafe, with its small wooden frame and knick knacks cluttering the windowsills, it gives off a low-key, comfortable feel. When I walked in, there were only a few people scattered across the room, the majority of which worked there, and a sign which instructed me to seat myself.

I ordered the “Avocado Deluxe” sandwich, which was a vegan sandwich on toasted bread, with avocado, cucumber, sprouts, tamari (a type of soy sauce) and vegan mozzarella cheese. I was a little skeptical about the vegan cheese, something that I had never tried before, but decided to give it a shot. The meal came with the option of several sides. I ordered the special of the day which was Mulligatawny, an Indian soup.

When the food came to the table, I thought that the soup might be too spicy from the curry scent coming from it. However to my pleasant surprise, though it was definitely spicy, it wasn’t overwhelming. I had never had Mulligatawny before then, but it turned out to be a variety of vegetables and rice in a spicy broth, with a slightly sweet undertone, which I found out comes from apples and raisins. Personally, I would never think to combine those ingredients, but it’s actually delicious, though I never would have guessed what was in the soup.

The sandwich had a pleasant crunchy texture, and the vegan cheese exceeded my expectations. I won’t lie and say it tasted exactly like cheese, but I thought its smoky flavor added to the taste of the sandwich, and I would eat it again. I’ve had all veggie sandwiches before, when I was over at someones house and they were having sandwiches with meat, but this one would definitely win compared to those.

The food was a bit pricey, with meals averaging somewhere from $7 to $13 range, but since they serve organic, local food, it is to be expected that there food would be a bit more expensive, and judging from the food I ordered, it is worth the price.

Vegetarian or not, I would definitely recommend McFoster’s to anyone who wants to have a unique dining experience with fresh, local food and a comfortable atmosphere.

McFoster’s is open everyday except for Sunday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. On Sunday they are closed. It is located in Omaha on South 38th St.

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